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Shalom Ppl, Its has been a long time since i been on here a lot has change a lot has happened but for the good. i believe the greatest change i have experienced is growth. I have learned to not allow small things to get to me when i use to just let it get to me and blow up. 

The one thing i noticed was that i needed to know who i was and Know that nothing anybody says or does  change who I am, I learned way i talk walk and speak is me and nobody can change that except me. 

Big problems was only big because i allowed them to. So as i go forward in this walk of life i will continue to have control and power over who I'am and what I allow to have in cypher.

Since i have been On this journey, my music has matured I'm learning new things and incorporating these things into my life. 

I have been offered numerous opportunities because of having a clearer mind and a positive vibe.
In these days and times we as a ppl need to do more self reflecting. Reflect on our own mistakes reflect on our own character, reflect on why when opportunities arise you cant grab hold of it, 
and not make a excuse for why you didn't grab hold of that opportunity. 

If we as a ppl can do more self reflection we could learn to unite as one and not divid and be stagnated. 

These are my thoughts of today -------- judah Priest--------


INTERVIEW: JUDAH PRIEST WANTS THE SUMMIT. LINK:  I love hr false noses, who are gathered there before your Schlepptopp- and EiPhone screens: Wu-Tang knows her, huh? Yes? Yes! Probably one in three of you, the tape-shirt hanging in the closet, which gave it at H & M a few months ago, and at that time you thought secretly, it bring you something like street credibility. It may be forgiven you. Well, Wu-Tang is more or less a musical empire / hodgepodge that has dozens of others, even some relatively unknown rapper and crews under his wing. This also includes a certain Judah Priest, originally from Philly, now in Staten Iceland / NYC lingering. What bothers him so much? Read for yourself and diggt a little bit deeper in the Wu-Tang cosmos. By the way: England stock gay heavy metal price Tern Judas Priest then the guy has something to do here rather less. Just sayin '. What role does the Wu-Tang family in your life? "The Wu-Fam definitely plays a big role in my life, especially Fam members like Buddha Monk from Brooklyn Zu and Hell Razah by Sunz of Man. They are always there for me and help me with my career. But other members of Brooklyn to as Menace obez and Dungeon Masta or Darkim Be Allah AIG stand by my side. If they had not been all that I had not learned all the features of the business and do not know today what it means to be a businessman, "[and we thought it would be a rapper - the naive babies]. What would you do today if you had not become a rapper? "Good Question! My whole life has always turned to music, but if it were not today, I would probably work with at-risk youth. It's important to act as a mentor to the youth and lead by good example. To show what is possible and what you can achieve. " What three features do you need to become a great MC? "In order to become a real MC, you must first ever first time understand and learn the hip-hop culture. And then you have to develop a real strong work ethic, and that work ethic has to be more than just writing and include Recorden. Delve into the music industry and all its aspects. And third, you should always remain humble and you behave towards others with respect. " What is the difference between the hip-hop scene then have to your beginnings and today? "The game has become very different, the technology has made it so much easier to meet artists around the globe or to communicate with them. It just made so much more possibilities to start with artists from all corners of the world collaborations. And now everything is more independent. At the time, everyone wanted to a major deal, now runs as good as anything independent and digital. " As you step all the young rappers today in the butt? "I'm just going to continue to be Judah Priest. I'll continue to do my best and put my skills. I stand with anyone in competition, so it's quite simple: As long as I stay focused and my goal is not to lose sight of the fact I will arrive at the summit ". What are your future plans? "I definitely want to expand my influence in the music industry. But I will not just be an MC, but a teacher of the arts. I want to help emerging artists to continue to grow with their art. And of course I want to continue to bring out music that people can relate to. LINK:

Judah Priest Interview w/ Jamie Da foxx for 

Think back to the very beginning of your career, how do your feel about your performance today and is it much different for you now versus when you first started performing?
When I first begun performing, I was nervous and stiff, I wasn’t pronouncing words clearly yet after time it become more natural. I love the spot light, I love the energy that’s created.

Who or who was your biggest inspiration in pursuing an entertainment career?
My Biggest inspiration was my brother Buddha Monk from Wu-tang Clan and Brooklyn Zu. I was pushed me to a level in this industry I never thought was achievable. He taught me to set goals for myself and surpass them.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments?
My proudest accomplishment I would have to say is being someone respected in the industry.  I didn’t just want to do music, I really wanted to be an artist who message is heard and received; thanks to the fans, friends and family it has happened.

How long have you been in the game?
I have been in the game since 1994 not just as an artist but a student. Again, being around great artist like Buddha Monk, Hell Razah and the rest of the Wu-Tang clan family has taught me a lot and these lessons are proven in today’s element of my music.

Name your favorite people to work with past or present?
Buddha Monk, Hell Razah, 144,000 Chosen Few, Cappadonna, Brooklyn Zu, Fes Taylor, and Solomon child’s. Who are your favorite DJ’s and why? DJ Rob Low & the legendary DJ Noodles, DJ Rob Low and DJ Flipmode; each of them play an intricate part not just artistically yet business wise as well.

Do you think Hip Hop has changed over the years, if so why?
Yes, Hip Hop in my eyes has changed dramatically. Hip Hop gave us a voice, it had a message; for instance, KRS One had Black Cop and Public Enemy had Fight the Power. Many artist banned together and we got Self-Destruction. In today’s form of Hip Hop, it’s about sex, money, drugs, and so on. Today’s Hip Hop has no unity, no loyalty, and no message.

If you could change one thing in the entertainment industry what would it be and why?
If I could change anything in the industry, it would be equal opportunity for all artist. There is a lot of quality artist out there that is putting in work and not being noticed.

Where can we find your past present and future work?
People can find my past and future work at, work of mines is posted daily on my page.

Who are some of your favorite artist to listen to mainstream and underground and why?
Nas, Tupac, Wu-Tang, Kendrick Lamar they all have messages in their music as well as other artist like 144,000 Chosen Few, Surgeon, Mic Handz, Loedis, Dready Kruger, Mr. fickle and a host of others, each have a message and mad lyrical skills.

Give our future entertainers some tips on how to go about starting a career in music?
Grind hard and invest in yourself, most importantly, believe in your work it will take you a long way and network with other artists.

What are some of you hobbies?
Reading, going on nature walks, and playing sports (football & basketball).

I know it’s not easy to remain active and deal with everyday life how do you do it?
First and foremost, I leave everything in the hands of God, I also separate Judah Priest from home life and I constantly pray.

Where were some of your favorite venues to perform at and why?
Lyrically Fit, Coach Jay always shows love and puts on great events. Other venues are always when I’m on tour, I love seeing different talents and meeting new people.

What’s next for you?
In currently on my Redemption Tour promoting the newly released album The Dark Ages 8/24 A.D. I also just begun working on the next album as well as the Ghetto Government album and 144,000 CHZNFEW album. In addition, I have begun working on my next album “The Day After Tomorrow.”

What legacy do you think you will leave when you exit this world?
I believe my legacy will be one that people can say he spoke for the community uplifted and supported other artist and cared for the people.

What do you think are key facts to keep you focused and motivated?
Surrounding myself around people who is grounded in their craft.

Tell us some of the obstacles you’ve overcame throughout your career?
The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was being in the way of myself, trying to do a lot of things instead of focusing on one thing.

What does Hip Hop mean to you?
Hip Hop to me is expression, being able to have a voice having a message worth hearing and sharing with the world.

Who do you inspire to collaborate with in the future and why?
Anybody who shares the same mindset as myself. There’s not just one artist. All the artist I wanted to collab with, I have already done so.

What do you think about the level of support that is given to independent artist? Does it need to improve if so how?
It needs to improve dramatically, I don’t really think there is support for independent artist, shows, media, and so on. There are some that exploit these artist for own personal gain and their gain don’t benefit the artist.

How would you describe your music/art/entertainment for the public audience if they have never seen you before?
Street education, spiritual, political and life science. My music makes you think.

What are your up-to-date performance plans?  New releases?  Tours? News?
Again, I’m currently on the Redemption Tour; I already toured the Midwest and am preparing to go to China, Australia, Canada, and Ecuador. My newest release is The Dark Ages 8/24 A.D.

I like to end interviews with a positive quote created by the artist or one you read that personally inspires you.
Keep yours on GOD, know your purpose and keep your faith. Blessings will flow like run in water.

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